My babe never left me (blueCacao)

My babe never left me,
He’s only gone away.
He doesn’t speak too much,
That’s why he didn’t tell.

He had no pen to write me,
He had no cash to phone.
He didn’t want to wake me up,
He only crossed the door.

He never wants to argue,
He hate so see me cry.
My babe never left me,
He’s only out of sight.

My baby’s very tidy,
He didn’t leave a thing,
He also took my money,
To leave me very clean.

My baby is very funny,
He always make me smile,
And since I like surprises,
He did it in the night.

He never wants to argue…

So lonely tonight (blueCacao)

And now you’re far away
at last you did it
and I’m here by myself
this room you filled with noises
it’s so silent tonight

we never had a rest
fighting and crying
it was always too much
I never thought I could
but I miss you tonight

and every bell that rings I hope I hear your voice
and every door that slams I hope I feel your steps
and every key that clinks  I hope I see your smile
’cause I miss you, I miss you so much

but every rising sun I’m free to sing my song
and every coldest night I’m free to warm my dream
in every single scene I’m free to play myself
’cause I’m free now, I’m free to be me

And now you’re far away
You always told it
Now I’m free to be free
Free to remember
free to miss you so much


Same as you (Scott Henderson)

Feed me once in the morning
Feed me once at night
Don’t turn me loose in the daytime
‘Cause you know I’ll eat everything in sight

Well I don’t want to ride for nothin’
What do you want me to do
But when I do what I should
Just tell me that I’m doin’ good
‘Cause baby I’m the same as you

Got a bad libido
Always in the mood
Just get me all excited
I’ll jump on anything that moves

Now there’s no doubt in my mind where I’m goin’
I’ve got my instincts to guide my way
I’ve got no time to see
If there’s a future for me
I’ll just keeping goin’ on my way

Say I’m always friendly
Got no reason to be mad
Just stay away from my yard, boy
‘Cause you don’t want to see me when I’m mad